Anti Money Laundering Regulation 2019 (AML)

Proof of Ownership and Identity : 

We are registered with HMRC to comply with the Anti Money Laundering Regulation for all our clients by obtaining the Proof of identification and the proof of address.

Following documents are required and acceptable:

Documents for Individuals : 

LIST A – IDENTITY DOCUMENT (One Documents Required) 

  • Current Passport
  • Valid UK driving licence
  • EEA member state identity card

LIST B – PROOF OF ADDRESS (One Document Required) 

  • UK/EU/EEA Drivers Licence (if UK Drivers Licence not used as ID)
  • Bank, Building Society or Credit Union Statement (Latest 3 months statements 
  • Credit Card Statement (Latest 3 months statements) 
  • Mortgage statement (Latest statement) 
  • Utility Bill (Latest bill : Gas, electricity, water) 
  • Telephone Bill (Latest bill)  
  • Council Tax (Latest) 
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Benefits Entitlement Letter
  • HMRC Tax Notification (Latest) 
  • Home or Motor Insurance Certificate
  • UK Solicitors Letter confirming House Purchase/Land Registration
  • NHS Medical Card or letter from GP
  • Official confirmation of Electoral Register entry


If you are acting as a Representative of an Estate we require the following:

Limited company

For a UK Company we will require:

If you are acting as a Representative of an Offshore Company we will also require the following:


If you are acting as a Representative of a Trust we require the following:

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