Sales Guide

Marketing and Selling your Property 

Thank you for considering Winston Crowns to sell and market your property.

Stage 1- Getting the right offer for your property- Property Valuation 

The very first step in the process of selling your property is to find out the best price you can achieve in the current market. We do a free valuation and research to get you a right price by assessing the properties that are sold near you that are similar to your properties.

Stage 2- Marketing your property- Helping you get the best price, fast.

We will help you in every stage to sell your property by marketing in our global magazines and online portal to attract high number of leads. We will try to achieve the highest price offer on behalf of our clients so that you are satisfied. We’ll advertise your home on the UK’s most famous property portal.

We’ll also list your property on PrimeLocation and a network of partner sites, which receive over 50 million visits a month.

We have database for our existing clients who we can offer your property.

Our partner sites:

Stage 3- Instructing Solicitors 

Transferring ownership of a property is called conveyancing, and it must be done legally through a solicitor. If you are happy with the offer, we will arrange for the conveyancing solicitor (if required or you can use your own) The solicitors will be carrying out the necessary paperwork to help you sell your property. If you are looking to buy at the same time, we will advise to use the same solicitor so the process will be faster and cost efficient.

Stage 4- Completion 

This is when the property officially changes ownership. You will accept payment and hand over the keys. The bulk of the money and the deed will be transferred by each party’s respective solicitors and your solicitor will register the transfer of ownership with the land registry.

Buying Process: 

At Winston Crowns, we ensure that our clients are given knowledge about the sale process.

The process includes:


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